February Garden Planning

Its mid February and I can see the red buds on trees, hear the busy birds, see the sky getting bluer and the sun coming up earlier each morning.  So, I ordered the seeds for the prison garden today!  We already have a rich garden with strawberries, herbs and perennial flowers. Each year, though, we expand a garden or two adding more variety and increased access to learn the art of soil and plant management and overall garden design, installation and maintenance. We do all this and more to augment the maintenance work the men do in the Emerald Necklace Parks each week.

We try to plant and grow the things the men can enjoy “as is” in the garden; sweet uncooked corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes and basil, warm strawberries, peas, beans….  All other produce and flowers are harvested and put into baskets to be given away to visitors to the prison.  This year we are creating a cutting garden so we have lots and lots of flowers to grow from seed,  learn from and give away to visitors.

So tomorrow with clipboards, pencils, measuring tapes, hats and gloves we march off into the snowy garden to pace off our existing and promising new gardens.  A little bit of sun, cold air and a handful of colored pencils will do us all a world of good.


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