Composting and Awesome Spider Mouse

Yesterday in class I taught the men all about composting.  We started with hands on material although they opted out and let me do all the “hands on”!  I brought our kitchen compost bucket as well as 3 bags filled with various stages of decomposing compost.   I did not make them touch but I did make them smell just to prove to them that composting done right does not only NOT smell bad but actually smells good, like the earth, fresh in a wholesome natural way.

I then asked the men to read aloud from several articles about composting from Organic Gardening Magazine; composting science, composting entrepreneurs, composting benefits…. we then discussed all the micro and macro organisms in compost and how compost is like a really good party inside the bin.  Talking about all these worms and bugs suddenly prompted a question from one of the men, a teacher’s dream come true.

You know how when you have a dream you don’t remember it sometimes until something ignites your memory the next day?  Well, suddenly in the midst of all this discussion one of the students asks “Is there such a thing as a Spider Mouse?”   Well I don’t know much about dreams, spiders or mice so I asked him “How did Spider Mouse make you feel?”  I thought he would say scared or lonely or creepy, but he said with a big grin, “Awesome!”  He said it was a “cool” dream.

So there you have it.  Not only did they learn composting but we were able to tap into someone’s dream and glimpse an “awesome” feeling.

Compost is good.  Awesome is good.  Spider Mouse does exist.


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