SEEDFOLKS continued

The second crew finished SEEDFOLKS yesterday.  Even though I have read this book and listened to the men read it for years one passage was new to me this time….

It turns out my greatest gift as a teacher is what I learn from the men.  Before class there was a little delay and the men were late and grumpy and trying to engage in nonproductive ways.  One guy, though, gently brought the whole class back by saying to another man, “OK we understand now, let’s read the book.”  We all kind of looked at him and thought “now there’s an option.”  I thanked him and pointed out what a great skill he had for leading the group out of a dead end and heading us back towards our goal.  It made a great difference, suddenly we were all peaceful, relaxed and ready to read.  Then he read this passage and the circle was complete.

“But the garden’s greatest benefit, I feel, was not relief to the eyes, but to make the eyes see our neighbors.”


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