Farmer Jim

This week we had a guest speaker.  Jim Buckel from Allandale Farm in Brookline, MA comes in each winter when there is a lull in the gardening season.  He is the farm manager there.  Allandale Farm was originally an early 18th century King’s land grant comprising 1,000 acres.  It continues to be a thriving farm 300 years later.

The students love to listen to Jim.  He is easy going, very down to earth and loves gardening, farming, food, bees, flowers, cows, pigs, chickens and people…. he is very unassuming and super smart as well because he runs such a successful historic farm at a profit.  I think the men benefit from talking to Jim since he is so gentle, eager to listen and learn and really thinks outside the box in a supportive, organic and community minded way.

Thanks Jim for coming into the Boston Pre Release Center again this winter.


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