Cut Out for Learning

Today we took scraps of paper, gluestick and scissors and the men cut out paper to demonstrate the parts of a flower.  I then went around the room and they proudly and confidently pointed to the petals, sepal, ovules, stigma, piston, pollen, and stamen.

This guy did not want to do the project, moaned and groaned and then afterwards asked if he could take a bunch of paper to do more in his cell later! HA!  He also exclaimed “I didn’t know flowers had ovaries?”  You learn something every day.

At first I saw this upside down and thought this guy was goofing around, but then upon looking at it right side up I realized how astute he was using polka dots for ovules and arrows for the pollen!  He appreciated my notice!

This student did not work on the project for the longest time and I decided not to bug him about participating.  I always have to gage my responses to the men, sometimes I insist they participate, others I just let them be.  He seemed sad and depressed so I just let him sit.  Then I gently asked him later “what’s up?” and he said he was just waiting for the scissors.  He too asked to haul back a bunch of papers to his room so he could make a card for his daughter.

With smiles they all begged me to make copies for them as well as to keep it a secret that they had done such a “girly” project.

Just wait until I make them tie bouquets come summer!


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