Roses and Parsley

This week we planted roses and parsley.  We created a new garden last year for the tomatoes and in order to rotate the tomatoes and make room for a formal rose garden we took over the new spot.  We transplanted 2 Julila Child roses and planted two new roses , Senior Prom and Maria Stern.   We have some donated boxwood as well.  When the boxwood comes we plan to rim our diamond shaped rose garden.   It doesn’t look like much yet, but keep your eyes on it over the coming months.

We now have a fruit garden, an herb garden, a bulb garden, a rose garden, a perennial garden and several annual vegetable gardens.

We also planted 6 parsley plants as an edge around some stepping stones near the herb garden.  Parsley is a great plant, keeps coming up, edible and loaded with vitamin C.

Each year I save sticks from other jobs.  We will stake our peas with these sticks when the sprouting seeds emerge next week.  I learned this trick at Monticello.

This is ornamental grass clippings we are repurposing as a mulch for the garden.

I love teaching the men how to recycle.


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