Coffee grounds, seeds, stakes and tiny beginnings

In order to enrich the soil, we dumped coffee grinds into our new rose garden.  Every time I go to Starbucks I ask for coffee grounds for the gardens.  Since this is a new garden, it needs a great deal of amendments.  Last year, the city gave us compost which we will receive again this April.  When we planted the roses last week we finally saw some worms living in the soil.  Little by little we are bringing the soil back to life — Its such a rewarding endeavor.

Inside under the grow lights we planted: eggplant, 9 different types of tomatoes and several different types of peppers.

We also started growing some zinnias and snapdragons for our cutting garden.

We also staked the emerging pea plants.

And look at the pretty primula!

We welcomed back all the perennials.  These will become big, fragrant, pink peonies before we know it!

Already, the fruit garden looks great. The raspberries have doubled in size and are sending up plenty of new shoots. The rhubarb which looked dead last week has lots of new growth in just one week.

The bulb garden is in full glory now too.  It is being taken over by the strawberries which is rather appealing.  The bulbs’ leaves will wither out as the strawberries come into bloom.  So appealing, so rewarding, such tiny beginnings.  We just have to take the time to stop and appreciate the baby steps for the new beginnings.  The fresh starts.  Kind of like the students, give them food, fresh air, energy, and they will emerge healthy and ready to do their job.  The students actually stayed an hour over time today because they were so eager to clear the woods surrounding the garden.  They heard me say we needed more light.  They were so proud of the work they did.  I must say though give 6 strong men some saws and loppers and they can really do some work in a morning!


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