May in the garden….

May in the garden is perhaps the most hopeful time of all.  Plants are budding and the anticipation is rich.

The men’s talents really come out when we are working outside.  We meet and access the garden, break up into groups and go to the areas that best fits each team.  Different workers have different jobs and skills. For example, one will use a pitchfork and turn the compost piles while another who is especially strong and capable may go and finish the fencing. There always happens to be a student who will want to weed with me and chat which is really nice.  Each time it is someone different, allowing me to connect and hear about the workers’ experiences.  I like talking to them about what they want to do upon release and how they might do it.

Take a look at our findings in the garden…

The peony buds are swelling and shiny and the stems are tall and reaching for the sun.

The strawberries have white fragrant blossoms turning into green fruits, there must be a thousand strawberries.

The raspberries are growing quickly!  This will be our first year harvesting raspberries.

We added more onions between the rows of the existing seed onions.

The newly planted roses are leafing out and the dahlias have started to put up their green stems.  Fencing is up, the compost is turned and the Nepeta plants have been divided and transplanted to make a hedge around the new rose garden.  The men were surprised and delighted by the smell of the strawberry plants.  It was fun to watch the men discover the pleasant smell of their tiny white flowers.


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