June Harvest

In the heat of last week we harvested spring onions as white as snow, dirty carrots that we had to thin and fat little sweet peas.  We were diligently weeding and suddenly stumbled upon all kinds of rocks around the potatoes.  Having never grown potatoes I was surprised and delighted to see the rocks were red new spuds!

The curly green kale made a snap when we cut the leaves.  It is hard to imagine the earth had that much moisture to create such green crisp stalks.

The roses are lovely despite the weeds.  I am teaching the men about formal gardens.  This new garden has a recently transplanted nepeta (catmint) border, roses and emerging dinner plate dahlias.  It has come a really long way this season.

I am training the men in the different types of gardens.  In the spring we had the spring bulb garden, of course we have the herb garden, the vegetable garden and the perennial gardens but this will be a formal rose garden.  I love teaching them the different styles, purposes, intentions and merits of all gardens.  The more gardens they see the more they will know how to tend then for themselves and clients if they decide to take on fine gardening as a job.

The strawberries are mostly done but will provide one more flurry of berries just in time for the raspberries to make us forget any other fruit…

Its been a lovely spring enjoying the men and trying to teach them to be the type of gardener that I would hire myself.


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