Over the years many people have made donations to the Boston Pre Release garden in the form of plants.  To all those people I want to say thank you.  One little slip of a plant goes a long way.

Our autumnal garden would be nothing without YOU!  From flowers to herbs to strawberries, trees and shrubs…

You have made a difference!



The greatest thing about class and being in the garden is that participants become immersed in the work we do outside.  We are only reminded of where we are when the Correctional Officer comes out to the garden and counts the men.  With movement on my mind and with the wind in our faces we observed that gardens are not just to be medicinal, ornamental, fragrant and productive but also to offer movement with tall lithe grasses,

arching heavy blossoms,

swaying flighty flowers,

bending and flexible and resilient.

All good qualities we can aspire to.  It reminds me that nature wants us to be flexible and graceful and to have “movement”.