Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, Brookline, MA

Today we took the men on a tour of the FLO National Historic Site.  It is a hidden gem in Brookline, MA where you can see first hand the way Olmsted set up his studios in the late 19th century.

The caliber of the restoration and pristine attention to the preservation of Olmsted’s house, papers, landscape plans and tools is fascinating to see.
The chance to see the physical work space where such historically important work was done is an experience that will fuel the men’s understanding of the relevance of the work they do every day in the Emerald Necklace Parks.
Park Ranger Alan Banks is a born historian and continues to engage the students whenever we meet with him.
Field trips are such a great way to take the men’s classroom learning to the next level of experiential understanding.
“If we analyze the operations of scenes of beauty upon the mind, and consider the intimate relation of the mind upon the nervous system and the whole physical economy, the action and reaction which constantly occur between bodily and mental conditions, the reinvigoration which results from such scenes is readily comprehended. . . . The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it; tranquilizes it and yet enlivens it; and thus, through the influence of the mind over the body gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system.” (FLO)
Olmsted built parks for all people.  I can’t help but think he would be thrilled to know that inmates also benefited from his legacy 100 years later.

One thought on “Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, Brookline, MA

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog…I want to go to the FLO home tomorrow! And I didn’t even know it existed before today….thanks for letting us share in your wonderful days!

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