Dirt, compost, renewal

I have two great crews these days at the Boston Pre Release Center, very involved, responsive, and best of all, appreciative, a combination of winning characteristics.

The last couple of weeks we have been learning about dirt, compost and amending soil.  I always bring in bags of compost.  One is kitchen waste, all the coffee grounds, tea bags, banana peels and egg shells we toss from the kitchen.  Another bag holds leaves, weeds and small twigs from the property.  The next bag is “compost in motion” ….IMG_3410

I say “in motion” because when I dump this bag out on the library table in front of the men it begins to move, wiggle, sigh, worms hide from the light, leaves appear to float, baby worms emerge in awesome numbers…. its an excellent illustration that “dirt” is a living, breathing, moving beautiful thing!  It never ceases to amaze me.

The final bag, although not as action packed, does inspire awe as well.  Its completely broken down, black, moist,  appealingly fragrant and utterly beautiful in nature’s most natural way.  Black gold.