Back in the garden with patience and grace


Finally we were in the garden today.  We planted peas on the fence, onions seeds and sets, both red and white, radishes, beets, lettuce, kale and lots of potatoes and garlic, all the seeds and bulbs that tolerate cold nights yet to come.

We pruned back the nepeta hedge that surrounds the rose garden and the potato plot.



Amazing how it doesn’t look like much yet, but just wait!

I overheard a conversation today between two guys, “I love being in the garden so I can think. ”  It reminded me of something Maya Angelou said on NPR last week, “patience allows for graciousness.”

With patience acquired after a long winter combined with the graciousness of spring we step into knowing ourselves with nature as our teacher.  It takes a brave soul to look at a dried up seemingly dead tiny seed and trust it to evolve into a tender leaf of lettuce if given water and warmth.   The men ask me how I know its time to plant the garlic.  I said because I read the book!  I also demonstrated that the garlic seemed to know it was time to sprout given its bright green hopeful shoot.  I told them nature gives us clues.  The potatoes had started to form apparent eyes indicating their urge to sprout in the ground, lest they sprout themselves in their box!

They also found a snake and wanted to keep it.  I said it would be much happier outside.  What fun they had though looking at it, holding it, watching it…. made me happy they had time to play, be curious and to be gentle.