Edible Perennials


Learning about edible perennials and sustainable gardens.  An incredibly old idea becomes an incredible new idea.  Mono cultures be gone!

The men worked weeding and edging gardens, planting carrots, beans, dahlias, sunflowers.  We have so many wild turkeys and rabbits visible at the garden that the men decided to plant a bunny garden at the end of the woods where the rabbit sat watching us.  One guy asked for seeds so he could do a gigantic “B” garden of Teddie Bear sunflowers, not the best flowers to work with when writing letters but it was all we had and he was so eager!

Munched on rhubarb and chives and witnessed thousands of white strawberry blossoms.  Talk about perennial edibles!  We planted 4 strawberry plants 7 years ago and now have what feels like thousands of blossoms!


Nice batch of students today, kind, helpful and trying to grab some goodness from the garden.


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