June Ripple


We picked about 75 of these beauties this week to put in the visiting room for families to take home.  I divided one peony years ago and brought little roots into the Boston Pre Release Center and look at them now!

IMG_6262The first spring I taught at the Boston Pre Release Center someone gave me a flat of strawberries and they grew and we divided them and now we have thousands of plants.  We picked about 20 quarts of strawberries this week.  Gosh, give a little and watch the love grow.


A skimpy little packet of lettuce and cilantro seeds and an old scrap of a sage root stolen from my garden and now we have a stunning herb garden.  Enough for the men to put lettuce on their lunch sandwiches this week and enough for all their friends too.

Lessons learned: seed starting, thinning, weeding, propagation, maintenance of herbs, perennials and fruit gardens and learning to “give” to something beyond themselves and how powerfully big that is.  We talk about donations too and how all these plants came to them with hope and best wishes.  The goodness and message was heard loud and clear in this June harvest.


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