Taking stock of the program and the garden

At the end of the day with a fistful of flowers to give to a visitor


and a pile of produce


I feel happy about the program we run at the Boston Pre Release Center.

From drawing the flowers they pick,


learning about math in nature,


to giving back to the community in the parks, we strive to make the program fruitful in all ways.


The men work for $3/day in the Emerald Necklace Parks ideally 4-5 days a week.  They provide maintenance to the parks through all seasons to make the parks pleasant and safe.  Donors generously give to the program through foundation grants as well as donated plants, books and art supplies.  It is an incredible program.

It is difficult to track the success of the program after the men leave the prison.  It is not possible to say how successful the program is based on jobs acquired and recidivism rates.  For now we add up the hours the men give back to the community in the parks as they mow, rake, shovel, prune, weed, mulch and pick up branches and we see a large contribution.  For now I blog so you can see the goodness we create in the parks, classroom and garden.  For now we read aloud, dissect and draw flowers, and weed, plant, mulch and harvest as a team in hopes that skills will be learned, honest work will be provided and respect will be fostered.

I can’t say what happens in the end but the way there is promising, honest and productive.  Thank you for you support!