I was going to say it was over but then I had a closer look.

I was going to report that our garden was done for the year, but then I had a closer look.  While the tomatoes have produced their last blooms,


there are still some green guys kicking around the plants.

The squash and eggplant are done,


the onions and garlic couldn’t wait to mature since they offer such appeal to the men.  The potatoes are all dug up, the green beans just ended.  It looks a little dried up and sad with no rain to speak of all summer.

Then when I went to write this I realized, though, we still harvest buckets of cosmos every week with a few roses and Russian sage,


the Montauk daisies are full of buds and won’t even begin to bloom until October. The raspberries are full of baby fruit and will produce a crop in the next week or two.

The wild turkey family has matured from a mother and father and many babies to what look like a huge gaggle of mature crazy looking, kale and tomato eating rascals.


So the seasons change and so do the students but the theme continues on, try each and every class to bring some work skills, some connection, some patience and some sense of the larger greater world to each class.