Back in the Garden

Finally back in the garden at the Boston Pre Release Center.  It’s nice.


A hunk of chives never looked so good.  One student harvested as many chives as he ate, as well as some garlic we’d planted in the fall.

We planted inside last week, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and basil under the grow lites.  Today we tended them and the peppers are already an inch tall, the basil just has two round leaves, no sign of the eggplant or the tomatoes yet.

Outside we planted peas last week.  This week we planted onions, radish, beets, lettuce, kale and more onions and then some more onions.  They guys love the onions.


The deer or snow or turkeys destroyed a lot of our fencing, that needs to be rebuilt. The strawberries are emerging as tiny new leaves and brown dead runners.  The primula look like happy fresh lettuce coming up and will be blooming before we know it.

The herb garden looks dead but upon closer inspection is just greening up and starting to smell good.  It’s all not much to look at just yet…. but just a few more sunny days and April showers….


A student got an idea to design garden clothing.  He went through the entire plan with me while we edged the lettuce patch.  We then talked at length about how gardening brings people and ideas together and that if we had been using loud tools, leaf blowers, mowers we might not have had that conversation.  I wouldn’t know how funny he is or how much he had to say or how much he was dreaming and thinking about.  For a few moments its nice to have a place to dream aloud and be heard.  Today was a wonderful day to be back in the outdoor classroom.