June Blooms

IMG_4601I always find it crazy the way garlic and strawberries do their show at the same time. Usually plants seem to know when to shine together, like tomatoes and basil or rhubarb and mint.  But, alas, today we harvested strawberries and garlic.  Another reminder to live and learn next to things that have little in common but the world around them.

The students picked 5 or 6 institutional peanut butter containers of strawberries last week and the same this week.  The first year we gave up complete hope on a strawberry harvest due to the turkeys and then WOW we get a gorgeous harvest.

We have developed quite the permaculture garden at the Pre Release Center Garden, all thanks to many challenges we have faced, little water, turkeys, only one morning a week to tend the garden as well as a desire to work with what we have.  It has been a real lesson in going with what works.  The things we are tending come back each year without our seeding, planting or watering.  They are raised organically so they are very healthy and they are used by the site which is about as local, healthy and sustainable as you want to eat!

For weeks the men have harvested cilantro, sage, rhubarb, thyme, strawberries, chives, mint and each week I encourage them to eat the Johnny Jump Ups and the chive blossoms

IMG_4418…  soon we will have dill self seeded from last year and about knee high now.  The next crop on the horizon is the raspberry patch with many hard little rock like berries ripening in the June breeze.

Today we picked enough mint, cilantro, sage, chives and garlic to give to the kitchen for a pasta dish being made for the entire center.  I call that success.  I call learning how to grow perennial fruits, herbs and flowers a real hard core life skill.


Every week we harvest buckets of flowers to put into the visiting room for family and friends.  It is such a proud feeling for the students to put the flowers on the tables and know they will bring joy to visitors.