Weeds of Change

The biggest lesson in the garden this season is the abundance of things in bloom albeit things not intended.  So much effort goes into so many things and sometimes the things right in front of us are the things we really want but cannot see.  We are in a drought and things planted have died but the things that thrived are so beautiful.

IMG_4932This my friend is a bucket of weeds.  Seemingly, pesky in the wrong place at the wrong time additions to the garden.  Funny thing is, they are drought tolerant, native and edible plants as well as really pretty. Above are chicory, mint and Queen Anne’s lace.

IMG_4939Above we added daylilys and tansy, both edible as well.  This big bucket with at least 150 stems went into the visiting room to cheer visitors to the Pre Release Center.  It looked like it could have been installed in the State House lobby!

So as I look around at the students and the garden I see great things right in front of me despite the drought.

IMG_4927Drifts of flowering oregano add fragrance to the hot breeze.

IMG_4933Bouquets and bouquets of flowers despite the parched grass.

Let the weeds that self seed be the weeds of change and let us indulge in their answers.

Thank you for following this blog as I teach this program of organic sustainability to men who need job skills, life skills and beauty in their lives.






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