Raspberry Propagation

One major lesson in the Maintenance Collaborative Master Gardener Curriculum is Propagation.  Learning to take one plant to make many is a skill necessary for any gardener.  From separating tiny baby bulbs on muscari and garlic from their mother bulb, making leaf cuttings of house plants, digging up and dividing hosta roots, collecting seedlings of self seeding herbs like nepeta, oregano and cilantro to planting raspberry canes the men learn many of the ways to produce more plants from what we have on hand. If the students understand how a plant reproduces itself then the he begins to understand how to provide maintenance to plants.  The more we understand the full life cycle of plants the better we are at caring for those plants.  As Ray says, “the education of a gardener”.

First tidy up existing bed of weeds and last year’s dead brown growth.img_5451

Next find some thick healthy green canes, this year’s growth.img_5449

Cut the canes to pencil length and put in water for a good drink.img_5448

Prepare a new bed.img_5452

Insert canes, a few for the turkey family, a few for the drought and a few for us.img_5454

Sit back and enjoy, until one week later we find adult deer tracks!img_5558

and fawn tracks…img_5557



Hilarious.  We will keep planting “one for them and one for us” until there are plenty for all.