Go With What Works

One of the biggest lessons we learn in the garden is to go with what works. Between turkeys eating seeds, lack of water, shade and limited number of hours we have in the garden (Wednesday) it is increasingly prudent to plant things that thrive by themselves.

Today we divided the very overgrown woodie Montauk Daisies. I brought in a small bucket of these a number of years ago and we now have many gigantic mature plants ready for division. These require no water, just compost, room to reach their full habit and sun.
From three plants we divided them into 25 plants. Since our goal this year is to produce flowers to give away we are well on our way to producing a beautiful crop of fall, fragrant sustainable cut flowers. This is what organic gardening boils down to, taking advantage of what does work in nature and not working against nature.  A few things popping up today in the garden:

Johnny jump ups: edible perennial, charming, harmless

Cilantro: self seeded, edible annual, fragrant, delicious, harmlessIMG_3135

Please stay tuned as we continue to explore what works.  Nature is a great life lesson too when it comes to behavior, success, self respect and cooperation, all life skills springing from the earth.